Janet skiing in the Snowy Mountains, Australia in July

Other than a single day skiing in the Snowy Mountains of Australia (but that’s another story), I haven’t skied actually in the Southern Hemisphere myself.
Reading a bit and talking to those who have skied on the other side of the world, it seems July is the best time to book a long haul flight from Europe and head South, especially if you aren’t a fan of summer sun and beaches: Your best options for Skiing in July are to head to South America or Oceania.

The Boy with Tape on his Face at Altitude Comedy Festival 2015

The prospect of skiing all day and laughing all night was hard to resist, well it was until three days in when laughing ALL night had to be curtailed if I was going to get any skiing in before lunch!

A desserted Zillertal Ski Resort in March

From the Tux glacier at the top, down through Zillertal 3000, Mayrhofen itself and on down the valley to the Zillertal Arena and Hoch Zillertal, each ski area is, in Austrian terms, big, different from its neighbour and utterly brilliant.