Work on Ski Fitness throughout the year

Three days into your ski holiday and you wish, more than anything else, that you’d managed to find more time to develop your core strength.
So, get yourself an electric tooth brush with a two minute timer, or a simple kitchen timer, and start the ‘two minute tooth brush tone up’ today; twice a day, every day: Left Windmill Arm Stretches

Black Turtle Beans make great Chilli

July is the month to head to the southern hemisphere to ski, so this month’s recipe takes its inspiration from there too. In gastronomy terms, South America is perhaps best known for big, fat juicy steaks and full-bodied red wine. I’ll take the wine, but as a vegetarian I needed to get my recipe inspiration elsewhere. So this month, I share with you my recipe for vegetarian chilli.

Janet skiing in the Snowy Mountains, Australia in July

Other than a single day skiing in the Snowy Mountains of Australia (but that’s another story), I haven’t skied actually in the Southern Hemisphere myself.
Reading a bit and talking to those who have skied on the other side of the world, it seems July is the best time to book a long haul flight from Europe and head South, especially if you aren’t a fan of summer sun and beaches: Your best options for Skiing in July are to head to South America or Oceania.