Work on Ski Fitness throughout the year

“If there’s snow on the ground, I’m on the slopes,” Klaus Obermeyer, the founder of clothing company Sport Obermeyer says.
Mr. Obermeyer admits that he isn’t zooming down double black diamonds the way he did when he was in his 20s, but he is still goes skiing daily, for at least an hour or two when conditions allow. “Being out in nature keeps you young,” he says.

After ski crowds have gone we get powder to ourselves

Santa brought me a ski mountaineering rucksack, shovel, probe and transceiver for Christmas. My new year resolution; spend as much time as necessary during this ski season practising avalanche safety rescue, so if I need to, using my avalanche safety kit will be second nature.

Ski gear cover up for when its cold

Several ski seasons ago, we were in Fernie and it was cold, I mean really COLD; so cold that we ventured into the ski shop and bought the only ski masks available. It now seems that Teya Salat, Russian tattoo model with over half a million Facebook fans, can come to our aid, what do you think?